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Ordering kitchen furniture starts with a good planning. Collaborating with our designers, you’ll have the opportunity to create the kitchen of your dreams. Idema Kitchens offers in addition to kitchen furniture also custom-made furniture for the home or office.


It would be a good idea to bring us a dimensioned kitchen plan with the location of the electrical plugs, water pipes and the vent.

If you have a complete house or apartment plan, this will also help with the project as it gives an good overview of the ergonomics of the whole room.


Once we get all the information we need and have listened to your wishes, we can work out the best solution for you.

OFFER WITH 3D DRAWING (price 150 € incl. VAT)*

This package includes:

- A 3D kitchen view by a designer, together with a quote


This package includes:

- Designer consultation in our studio, including drawing up the general design of the kitchen plus choosing the materials and furniture.
- Kitchen drawings in 2D and 3D, up to three different solutions.

DESIGNER PACKAGE (price 690 € incl. VAT)*

This package includes:

- Designer consultation and preliminary measurements at the client’s premises (in the Tallinn area – up to 3 hours);
- The choosing of materials, furniture and equipment by the designer for the kitchen project;
- The preliminary design project of the kitchen (in 2D, 3D) with up to three different solutions. The presentation of the materials, and meeting with the client in the office to discuss the project details (up to 2 hours);
- If necessary, any additional meetings with the client in the office (up to 2 hours);
- The final designs of the kitchen project (in 2D, 3D);
- Determining the location of the electricity, water and sewage systems for the project.  

For projects outside of Tallinn, an additional 0,45 € for every kilometre will be added (incl. VAT).
* When placing an order for kitchen furniture, the sum will be deducted from the cost of the order.



Once we have reached the final solution together, we will place an order based on a pre-agreed price.

The order becomes effective from the moment the prepayment is received.

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    It is a convenient and quick way to pay for your purchase right away, with repayment taking place later via instalments.
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The exact measurements of the object will be made by our specialist after the order is placed and the prepayment is received.