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Innovation and awareness – trendline

Idema trendline is the newest kitchen design trend incorporating two important factors: fashion and environmental protection.

This concept, developed in cooperation with interior designers, allows you to follow fashion by acquiring a limited edition kitchen interior and feel satisfaction knowing that you have made environmentally friendly choices.

Exclusive and unique 

When you select a trendline kitchen, you can enjoy the beautiful texture of the rarest tree species from around the world on the cabinet veneer doors without actually endangering these tree species as not a single such tree had to be cut down to decorate your kitchen. 
The veneer is made from wood of certain faster growing and relatively more widespread trees than those registered in the Red List of Threatened Species. From the latter we take only their texture patterns... 
We can thus make exclusive cabinet doors without reducing the numbers of the rarest trees in the world. For instance, the Macassar ebony tree grows only in one place in the whole world – on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. If all admirers of this valuable wood had their kitchen cabinet doors made from it, the corresponding tree species would be probably wiped off the face of the Earth. Yet when you follow the trendline idea, you can easily view the Macassar ebony tree as your kitchen furniture material. You can just as easily decide in favour of Wenge, Zebrano, Palisander or any other valuable wood.

Limited edition

Interior design fashion is often haunted by the same problems as clothes fashion: the newly fashionable thing remains at the top for a while, then the interest begins cooling off and eventually it is down and out. 
Idema Köögid does not wish this to happen to the trendline kitchens. That is why we have decided that each trendline veneer solution can be used in Estonia in a limited number of kitchen designs and offered for a limited period only. The selection of cabinet doors is completely changed every 18 months on average. 
This means that those who follow fashion will always find something new and worthy of their attention in the current trendline selection while those who have already purchased trendline kitchens will be pleased to know that their kitchens will always be in fashion due to their uniqueness. It should be noted that if there is a material out there that will never become outdated, it must be natural wood.

Carefully considered concept

Veneer from natural wood designed to resemble textures of valuable tree species is the most striking element of trendline kitchens but the concept goes far beyond that. Innovative to the core, trendline is full of pleasant surprises. 
For instance, the trendline kitchen dignity is stressed by its mixing faucet that releases water only when your hands or dishes are in the sink, under the faucet. Simply step aside and the water flow will stop. This reduces the amount of water wasted during various kitchen activities. Even the issue of garbage sorting in the trendline kitchen is really a non-issue. The garbage drawer under the sink can be pulled out completely and opened with either your hand or foot. It contains four different-size boxes for different kinds of garbage. As a matter of fact, these boxes can be used for something else altogether. For example, you can store vegetables there...
































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